Commercial TV Systems

TV Headend  Systems bring our customers digital quality signal at the lowest possible price. It is a perfect solution for multi-users commercial facilities.

Digital Headend Systems-custom engineered based of a satellite signal, provide more programming options than cable while achieving considerable cost saving and better quality entertainment for your facility.

HI-Tech Inc. is dedicated to provide world class service and installation of surveillance systems and TV for residential and commercial customers in Chicago-land area. Our long time experience with new technology makes us one of the most reliable and trusted installers on the local market. We offer competitive and supported customer service both in Chicago and suburbs.

What does a Headend system for a hotel look like?

This is a 48 Channel Headend system. It has 48 receivers, one for each channel and it has 1 modulator per channel. These are the two main components to receive and rebroadcast your channels!

Do you want a Headend system for your hotel or motel?

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Of course you do! It provides a much better picture and come at a significantly lower cost! while giving your customers a great experience

Should you get DirecTV or Dish Network for your commercial Headend system?

This one is a personal preference. You are going to have to look at the programming offered by both providers and their pricing to see which one suits your business the best. Check out some of the DirecTV and Dish Network offers and choose!


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